film editor

FIN – band

I was the writer/singer/guitarist in the Indie band FIN between ’93 and ’95. In that time we played around 150 gigs across most of the UK. We supported (or were supported by) Supegrass, The Cranberries, Elastica, Catatonia, Gene, Sleeper, Ocean Colour Scene, Tindersticks and the Beatles. We released 4 singles; Headstrong, Narcissus, Moisturizer, Jetstream and an album ‘Positive’. Despite self-releasing on our own ‘Red’ label, the songs received extensive national airplay (Headstrong was B-listed by Radio 1). We played live on BBCR1, Virgin and GLR. We formed a relationship with the legendary plugger Scott Piering who regarded me as ‘the second-best writer of the era…after Jarvis Cocker’. Could be worse…

On splitting the band for the inevitable ‘creative differences’ I formed a new band SENNA between ’96 and ’97. We recorded an extensive catalogue and played New York’s CBGB’s. In the audience was Hugo Burnham of Gang of Four who described it as ‘one of the best gigs i’ve ever seen…and Johnny wore a dress, which is always great’.

On the demise of SENNA I signed a publishing deal with Chrysalis Music and used the advance to build my own 24 track studio, developing production and engineering techniques. I was an early-adopter of ProTools which I continue to use today in music and film production.