film editor


In 2011 I wrote, directed and composed the movie ACTS OF GODFREY. The film is unique in that it is written throughout in rhyming couplets. To this day i’ve no idea why (suffice to say it was a poem that got out of hand). Although intended to be irreverent, bawdy and more akin to a Carry On film, the distributor and PR company decided to promote it as ‘a modern twist on Shakespeare’. A description that made my blood run cold, as it turned out, with some justification.

ACTS OF GODFREY opened the Raindance Film Festival in 2011 and was nominated for Best Film at the British Independent Film Awards 2011.

‘Ingeniously scripted, darkly comic, cleverly plotted and completely original…one of the most inspired ideas I’ve come across in a very long time’. Decca Aitkenhead – The Guardian

Watch the whole of ACTS OF GODFREY on Vimeo.